We are an incorporated non-profit organisation on the Gold Coast which encourages, supports, fosters and promotes individual artists from culturally diverse backgrounds and organises community arts events. 


MAGIC provides an open window to new ideas for the harmony of arts in our community and is set to have several art activities such as workshops, entertainment events, and conferences during the year. 
Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group In Collaboration Inc. known as GC MAGIC is a multicultural and community arts organisation on the Gold Coast. The organisation has made significant contributions to the cultural map of the city through a number of projects and events since its establishment in November 2000.


The activities of the organisation are towards skill development, community engagement and community relationships and include - but are not limited to - sharing, collecting and publishing stories, conducting artistic workshops and themed arts exhibitions and organising cultural celebrations, dance cafés and fiestas.


The objectives of the organisation are to:

  • Promote and foster cultural diversity through the arts.
  • Enhance public awareness and appreciation of cross-cultural arts and artistic productions.
  • Integrate artists from diverse cultural backgrounds and to encourage their artistic development and promote their interests.
  • Create networking opportunities among artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Provide a forum where experiences may be safely exchanged and where newly-arrived artists are welcomed and encouraged regardless of their gender, race, language, religion or financial circumstances.
  • In GC MAGIC art practitioners and cultural groups consider their artistic abilities for self-expression and a way of sharing their cultural assets.